Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MAJOR catch up: August 2011

August brought the end of our summer sales adventure, along with the beginning of our last Fall semester as undergrad students.
We left our humble hotel abode on Friday, August 19th. We were so excited to come home to a fabulous bed, in a separate room from our kitchen, as well as a real couch. But we came back to much more :) My mom surprised us and had the basement all put together for us. The only reason it was ever apart was from my family being furniture-less upstairs up until two days before we got home. My mom is so sweet and knew how much it would mean to me to come to a clean, organized home. Not to mention the fact that we were also surprised with a new addition to our kitchen: A DISHWASHER! I seriously almost hit the ceiling as I jumped for joy. It was so nice to finally be home with family again, ready to start a new, scheduled life adventure that included eating dinner before 10:00 every night :)

Brad started his semester the following Monday, August 22nd. I had a whole week to resettle into our home and help my mom with some things. I also had the chance to help cousin Shaylee weed her yard. I must say, it was NOT the typical weed job. I left Monday afternoon with blisters on my hands and a sore back and thighs. I attempted to return the next morning to help some more, but unfortunately wasn't quite as helpful, but I did my best. We were thrilled once the final weeds were pulled and so proud of our HARD work. It looked great! I got to continue spending time with her darling little girl, Miss B. And join my aunts with helping my Aunt Marcie pull her in-law's house together before returning from their mission in France. I LOVE spending time with my mom and all of her sisters, they are so fun to be with!
On Thursday Brad's parents arrived with little sister Mindy to bring her up to her freshman year at BYU. We were also pleasantly surprised with the arrival of Travis! Travis is Brad's high school car. Begin that we were still one car short, they decided to spoil us with letting us use his car for the semester. WE ARE SO LUCKY!
We spent most of the weekend with the Marsh fam, including sister Hannah who came out to help with settling Mindy in. They also came with us to our stake conference, where we were blessed to have Elder Scott attend. He came to our adult session and lead a very insightful discussion with the members in the chapel. He truly is a strong man of great faith. I am grateful for his kindness and faithful example.
The next Monday, August 29th I jumped right into my new semester, keeping busy from the get-go. I was so excited to be in my last semester of classes and CANNOT believe how fast time has flown! I was also anxious to reconnect with all of my fabulous friends I have made through being a part of the Alpine School District Cohort.