Our Families

Our Families
Emily, Carter, Brad, Mom (Kristy), Dad (Brian), Megan, Shaun, Karlie, Zac

Brian (Emily’s Dad)
Brian is the oldest of four kids and was born and raised in Long Beach, California.  He served an LDS mission to Venezuela and met Kristy when they were at BYU.  He has always loved learning and has college degrees from Long Beach City College, BYU and the University of Utah.  He has been in the Human Resources/Operations business for over 20 years and loves traveling and meeting new people.  Brian enjoys playing golf, fishing and following his beloved Angels on their annual quest to win the World Series.

Kristy (Emily's Mom)
Kristy grew up in the small northern Utah towns of Tremonton, Garland, and Fielding. Her family moved around a lot but she always had her four sisters and two brothers to be part of the journey. When she was 12 years old the family made their final move to Fruit Heights, Utah where she graduated from high school and then left on her LDS mission to Stockholm, Sweden.  She met Brian at BYU and after a short courtship they were married followed shortly thereafter by four children.  Kristy has a love for classic old movies, good books, traveling, anything to do with home improvement and sharing the gospel. She loves all these things even more when she can share them with her family.

Zachary/Zac  & Karlie (Emily's Brother & his Wife)
Zac is married to Karlie and they live in Utah. They are both working full time and living in Utah. Zac served a religious mission in Rosario, Argentina, Karlie also had the opportunity to serve in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Zac loves baseball and summertime makes him happy because the possibilities on any given day seem endless. He loves people and could spend an entire afternoon talking to a perfect stranger if they'd let him. Karlie loves animals - especially puppies. She also loves to cook, host, and plan for her future. They both making people laugh, being light-hearted and playful in life. Zac and Karlie love being Carter's aunt and uncle and can hardly stand how "irresistibly adorable" he is. 

Shaun (Emily's Brother)
Shaun is the youngest boy in the family and currently attending BYU.  He served a religious mission in the Baltic States, in Europe.  Shaun had the opportunity to move to Moscow, Russia for his senior year of high school, with his mom, dad, and younger sister.  It was a tough thing to do, but he ended up loving it and making friends from all over the world.  He loves to be outside and especially likes to play tennis.  Shaun is very friendly and loves to make people laugh - he seeks opportunities to get to know people better and learn more about what makes them unique.

Megan (Emily's Sister)
Megan is the youngest sibling in the Baxter family. She is 18 years old and has recently graduated from high school. She will be attending BYU-I this coming fall and looks forward to the opportunity to serve a religious mission. Once a week she attends art lessons which she loves. Megan also has a beautiful singing voice. She loves to read, write, sketch and do fun things with her friends. She loves the coziness of Winter, the life of Spring, the freedom of Summer and the beauty of Autumn.

Lizzie, Rob, Hannah, Krissy, Allen (Dad), Mindy, Nathan, Karen (Mom), Clara, Emily, Brad, Carter
Allen (Brad's Dad)
Allen grew up in Mesa and was the oldest of 8 children.  He played baseball and football through most of high school, and received his Eagle Scout Award.  He served a religious mission in Tokyo, Japan for the LDS church and graduated from ASU in Business.  Allen and Karen met while she was working as a nurse in Phoenix and he was working for his dad in Real Estate, and attending ASU.  Allen loves water and snow skiing, playing golf and riding bikes. He is close to his siblings and they make every effort to get together whenever possible. Marsh Reunions are a family favorite and we usually stay in a big cabin together every other year. Allen worked for about 30 years in different areas of Real Estate in Arizona and California.  He currently working in Arizona as a managing director of a capital and real estate company.  Allen is known for being very kind, patient and helping others.

Karen (Brad's Mom)
Karen grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and is the oldest of seven. She has a happy childhood; and loved school, church and family vacations. In high school she was a cheerleader and on the tennis team.  She was always active and enjoyed playing and watching most sports. 
Karen went on to BYU and received her nursing degree.  As a registered nurse she worked in Intensive Care, Newborn Nursery, ER and most recently in the schools.  She is currentlly working as a Nursing class instructor in Ariozona. She is a mother of 5 children and has loved every minute of raising them.  Karen is often accused of being “organized” and is constantly working on new projects. She also love to read, and travel; her favorite place is probably the beach and Disneyland still has her heart! 

Hannah & Rob & Elizabeth (Brad's Sister & her Husband & their Little Girl)
Hannah is only 18 months younger than Brad. Although she endured her fair share of teasing and "brotherly love," she has always felt so lucky to have such a loving and "cool" older brother. Hannah and her sweetheart Robert have been married nearly four years and are have a sweet little girl, Elizabeth and are expecting a little boy in March. They are both from Mesa, AZ and have recently moved to Utah for a new job opportunity. They love summertime, watching movies, cooking together, and going on family walks with their little dog. Lizzie is a busy little girl that knows what she wants. She loves to explore new places and do her own thing. She is best buddies with her little doggie, Dixie pup. Lizzie is hoping for more cousins to play with!.

Melinda/Mindy (Brad's Sister)
Mindy the middle child in the family. Mindy is going to school to be a nurse and is hoping to go into Labor and Delivery or NICU. She is also working in an OBGYN office and loves the exposure to her future career. She loves babies and being an aunt to Carter and Lizzie. She is 22 years old and just got married to Nathan in May. They are currently living in Arizona. Nathan is currently studying business and working part time to help pay the bills. They love spending time with friends and family, playing card games, and going to movies together.  

Clara (Brad's Sister)
Clara is the fourth child in the Marsh family and will be a sophomore in college, attending school in Arizona.  She is a smart gal who works hard in her classes, so she can follow her desired career path in Marketing. Clara also loves sports and is very musical.  She has been a competitive swimmer for many years now and also swam on the high school team. Clara loves fashion and has quite the eye to pull a great outfit together. She is a spunky, funny, and happy girl who loves to laugh.

Kristina/Krissy (Brad's Sister)
Krissy is the youngest of the 5 children in the family. She will be a junior in high school, in Mesa, AZ. She is a great student and works hard to do her best. Outside of school she loves to dance and hang out with her friends! Krissy enjoys horseback riding. She is also heavily involved in her youth group at church.

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