Monday, February 16, 2015


January is usually a month that drags on after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. This year, for some reason, it flew by! Maybe being in denial of how big Carter is getting is what made it go by so fast.
Brad started a new position with the same company: Ancestry. He has moved over to the finance department and is really enjoying it. Brad was nervous about changing positions because he loved the team he was working with and was comfortable with what he was doing. But we knew this was a great opportunity to gain more diverse experience. Brad is learning great things and has developed great relationships with his new team. It means a lot to me to know that he enjoys his work and the people he works with - it makes for a happy hubby - and a happy wife :)
Little Carter man has fallen in love with T-Swift's new CD and has recently learned to dance. Anytime he hears any type of beat you can see him start to groove. It's so fun to watch him get into it!

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Anytime he starts throwing a fit or having a bit of a meltdown, we turn on T-Swift and he is a happy camper - dancing away - just a little bit hilarious.
We also celebrated my mom's birthday this month and Carter did a great job making her day with lots of smiles and a birthday dance for her. Zac and Karlie made a yummy dinner for all of us to enjoy, we chatted and ate a fabulous dessert that Meggy made. It has been 8 years since our whole family has been able to be together to celebrate mom's birthday. So crazy!

Brad didn't have work on MLKjr Day so we took advantage of the opportunity to go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. The water station was Carter's favorite by far. Unfortunately we didn't bring a change of dry clothes, so he wondered around in a diaper for the rest of the exploring. It's always fun to have Brad home from work because he always looks forward to spending time with Carter and is always extra helpful around the house - always a bonus!

My little sister also had Preference in the month of January. It was so much fun helping her get all dolled up for her date. She looked beautiful and had a blast!

Carter's 10 month update:
Little man is still sleeping through the night, going to bed at 7:00, but still wakes up at 6:00 - not mom and dad's favorite time of day. But we are learning to make the best of it. Sometimes it's nice because it's a chance for us to snuggle in the rocking chair with blankets while I sing songs to him. He dances to anything with a beat - including the beeping buttons on the safe in grandma's closet. He loves to say mama when he needs anything - which I love! He is eating pretty much everything we eat and is not okay with being left out when we eat. He loves to try new foods and will eat just about anything! He has decided naps are no fun and only gives me MAYBE one nap a day these days, but he's pretty easy and still pretty pleasant so I can't really complain. We love our little man!