Tuesday, December 16, 2014


October was seriously one of the best months EVER. We have so many great things that went on and I am so excited to share it all.
We started out the month with General Conference and enjoyed Carter as entertainment and loved watching him play with his "cousin" (my cousin's little guy).

The best part of October was having so much of our family in town for our special day with Carter. Brad's family came into town earlier that week and we did some fun things together.

first time on the swing!

Grammy, Hannah, Lizzie, Carter, and I went to Cornbelly's and had so much fun! A lot of it was a bit above the little ones, but they still liked being out and about.

of course we matched - super cheesy, but perfect
We also got to celebrate Lizzie's 1st birthday together. It was fun watching her with the cake smash and playing with her new presents. I can't believe it's been a year since we became and aunt and uncle!

October was the best month ever, because we had the opportunity to have Carter sealed to us, in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. It was such an amazing day, I've decided to tell the story of that day and the adoption finalization in its own blog post :)

After the fabulous weekend filled with family and such a special day, we moved forward to our Halloween festivities. We had our annual Halloween party at Aunt Jill's house where we eat yummy soups and carve pumpkins. We didn't bring pumpkins up to carve this year, but we did bring a baby pumpkin up for Carter to "paint". It was so much fun to watch what he did with the paint - it ended up turning out pretty cute.

I also had one of my very dear friends, return from her mission. We were SO excited to see her and thrilled that her and Carter finally had the chance to meet.

old roomies all together again

he loves her already!
Halloween this year was a lot of fun! I'm one of those crazy ones that likes to have a "theme" to our costumes. After seeing the idea on Pinterest, I knew I couldn't resist, for the sake of my bald baby. Carter and I took advantage of the opportunity to go visit Brad at work to complete our costume look 

Then, that night we handed out candy to a few trick or treaters before heading off to a party!

Carter's 7 month update - and more fun pictures from the month:
Still sleeping really well at night, and still having inconsistent naps. But again, we can't complain because he is still so happy. He doesn't sleep just anywhere as well as he used to because he is too afraid of missing something. He is eating oatmeal every morning and baby food around dinner time every evening and taking a bottle for his other feedings throughout the day. He still loves all foods, but we had discovered prunes make him poop lots and bananas the complete opposite. He had his first graham cracker and was in heaven, sucking on it. He now rolls consistently to get from point A to point B. He often gets frustrated when he can't roll any further because something is in the way. He is making a lot of new sounds and loves to do this funny intense breathing thing when he gets excited. He also screams and growls out of excitement. 

on a morning walk with mom

celebrating Grandpa's birthday the right way
Carter and his buddy
champions, once again
ready for church
cutest little preschooler
painting a picture for Sister Stapp


We started off the month of September with a fun day up at Snowbird. Brad had some Mountain Passes from work and our friends, the McNeils, were in town for a family wedding. We crashed their family weekend and the boys went mountain biking and we walked around enjoying views and little shops that were set up for Labor Day weekend.

the boys getting ready to head down the mountain
the boys on their ride 
riding up on the tram
enjoying the view, with a sleeping baby

We continued to keep busy with day to day life throughout the month. We soaked up time with Carter and enjoyed watching him make new discoveries. Brad's softball season picked back up, so we continued going to those games during the week. Those games are a win-win because all the guys get to play ball and all the wives get to chat and catch up. 

first time trying baby food - he LOVES it!

he also LOVES his bouncer
oh the life of a baby... seriously
joining me for my morning walk
sitting up all by himself!

hangin out with Jess at the softball game
going on walks is exhausting  
80's night with the YW, complete with Carter in leg warmers
childhood pals with our little babies... so crazy!  
my favorite boy, with his favorite toy, and my favorite cookies
gotta love the baby back rolls 

so much personality in these pics

Carter's 6 month update:
He is still sleeping around 12 hours at night. His naps are still inconsistent, but getting longer. He loves eating all types of baby food and loves making his screaming "mmm" noises as he eats. He is really into looking at things upside-down and is constantly bending and twisting to see things differently. He is officially sitting up, strong and sturdy on his own and refuses to be set down any other way. He loves sitting up in the seat at the grocery store and babbles the whole time at all the new things he sees. He loves to talk. It takes him forever to finish his bottles these days because he is just talking all the time. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and chews on anything to relieve his gums. He is still teething, but still NO TEETH. He is very content and will sit and play with a pile of toys in front of him for an hour at a time.