Wednesday, October 22, 2014

March Madness of our own

In my effort to play catch up with documenting our life I am trying to do monthly updates.
March was filled with a lot of last minute efforts to get things pulled together, more baby showers, and soaking up the last of our time as "just the two of us".
Here I have a few pictures from the showers that were thrown for us in March. Some lovely ladies in our ward threw a darling shower with so many friends that were such a big part of growing up for me.

Some dear friends from the ward had this quilt made for baby boy - I'm mildly obsessed with it!

We also had some friends from the "cul-de-sac" group of friends that threw an adorable shower with a nautical theme. We ended up having FOUR baby showers before Baby Boy was born! We were so overwhelmed by the love and support that we received from so many, all around us.

party favor

messages in a bottle - mommy advice
Brad and I took our last snowboarding trip before we became parents. We went up to Snowbird for the day. It was beautiful weather, and the snow wasn't very fresh - so it wasn't the best boarding weather, but we had a lot of fun. Snowbird is my favorite resort; I grew up having a season pass there every year. It was fun to show Brad around and reminisce the "good old days".

helmets are one of the more flattering head-dresses 

the BIGGEST Captain Crunch Treat we've ever seen

A little preschool highlight - I LOVE the fun things you can do with St. Patty's Day and really enjoyed pulling some things off with my little kiddos:

lucky the leprechaun turned the toilet water green... 
broke into my piggy bank...

this is lucky

he also turned my cookies green...

our snack time water green...

and Miss Emily dressed up like a total goof for the kiddos! 
I also had fun making Brad corned beef and cabbage, with potatoes for a St. Patty's dinner
 A couple weeks before baby boy's due date we spent a weekend at a hotel downtown SLC. The hotel stay was a gift from my parents as a "thank you" after all the planning we did for Zarlie's wedding - it was sweet of them to do and we decided it was best to take advantage of it before baby boy's debut.
this is Brad's idea of a weekend getaway - March Madness x2 - the only pic I took

Also, a really exciting change... My family has moved back to Utah - and they moved back just in time for baby boy to be born! My little sis, Megan moved out before everyone else so she could start the new term here, on time. It was fun having her there to help me get some last minute things done and to share the excitement in anticipating a very important phone call :)
a little welcome "home" for little sis

The end of March is where things got really exciting for us... more on that to come

MIA, again... whoopsies!

Again, life has been really busy. Just when I thought I was catching up in life, a summer full of family reunions and a Fall filled with new routines caught up with me. Here I am again, having been the best kind of busy, hoping to get caught up for real this time. Here goes nothing!