Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Festivities

Where on did December go?!?!? We definitely had a busy December, but it was full of fun things with people we care about. I started out December attending a baby shower for my lovely friend Emily, then headed over to a bridal shower for my dear friend Brittany. It was a fun day to celebrate exciting changes in friends' lives.
That night Brad and I joined some of our bestos: Paige and Austin for some social norm breaking. We headed down to see the beautiful lights at Riverwoods, window shopped a little, and made ourselves some s'mores at the hand-warming fires. It was quite enjoyable.
insta-repeat @ Riverwoods
The following week was filled with odd jobs of nannying, subbing, cleaning houses, etc. It's fun to work so many different jobs; it definitely keeps things exciting. That week was my first time back in the classroom since I graduated. I forgot how much I love teaching and how much I love working with the students. It truly makes me happy to be with all those darling kids.
The next weekend we had a small baby shower/gathering for my dear friends Linds who is expecting her second. Woot! Woot! We are so happy for her and her cute little family; although we miss them dearly now that they live in CT. :( The next day we headed up to Layton for my cousin, Tucker's farewell. He is such a stud.
Elder Tucker Hatch
The following week I did some nannying as well as subbing again. This time at Alpine Elementary, my childhood school. I worked with 6th graders. My highlights (which were also flashbacks to my time there) were listening to them practice the 12 Days of Christmas for the program, painting pottery, working alongside Mr. B, and everyone bringing in their gingerbread houses. It was seriously fabulous! Any of my fellow Alpiners I'm sure are reminiscing just the same. :) I also had the chance to make Christmas candy again; this time with Aunt Marcie and my cousin Juliana. I didn't do quite as much making so I got to play with baby Connor for a lot of it. That boy is seriously to die for, I could just snuggle him all day.
such a BEAUTIFUL little family :)
That weekend I went to Alpine Christmas with my cousin and her family. I cannot believe it has been going on for 8 years! I haven't missed a year and hope I never do; it truly is such a beautiful musical performance that always reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.  We also had another Christmas party with a few of my close friends from high school, along with their significant others. It was fun to snack on some yummy food, exchange gifts and catch up; soaking up every minute together.
some of the girlies
Finally the week before Christmas I had the opportunity to attend my dear friend, Brittany's wedding. It was a very special ceremony with some sweet, tender moments. I have so much love for her and her beautiful family.
britt and her man, Riley
Right after the wedding my SIL, Mindy and I started our drive to Santa Rosa for a California Christmas with the Marsh family!