Our Message to YOU

Dear Friend,

We hope, at this time, you are receiving all of the peace, comfort, and support you need as you venture into the possible decision to place your sweet baby for adoption. We understand more than ever, the selfless sacrifice and great love of a birth mother. We can honestly say, there are few people in this world with more unconditional love than those that make such a difficult decision.

We would like to take the opportunity for you to get to know our little family better by telling you a bit about us:

We met after Brad’s sister (Hannah) introduced us at her Provo, UT apartment one night in the fall of 2009. That quickly got to know each other through conversations of baseball and tennis. We really hit it off while attending a school devotional together with Brad’s sister and her friends. Shortly after that we began dating and were engaged the following April. We were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on July 30, 2010.

Brad (from Emily’s perspective) is all boy. He is the oldest of five with four younger sisters. Being the only boy, he stood out in the family. Even though he is “all boy” I feel like having four sisters helped him learn how to take care of me. Brad is very thoughtful and is always noticing details and small things that he knows will make me happy. Brad loves sports and is always finding new, fun ways to stay active and makes a competition out of anything. He loves helping around the house and is often found spending his afternoon making us some sort of baked treat. Brad currently works as a Financial Analyst at Ancestry and is consistently recognized for his hard work and dedication to performing well at his job. I know that Brad will always be a great provider for our family, helping us to always live comfortably. He truly values family time and will always make time for it. He takes his church responsibilities seriously and enjoys getting to know other people through his responsibilities. Brad has such a great relationship with our little boy, Carter. Brad is a very involved dad and is constantly, proactively finding ways to take care of him. Everyday, Brad comes home from work, plays with him while I finish making dinner, then we eat together. While I do up the dishes, Brad gets Carter ready for bed, then we read and pray together before he goes to bed. I love that they have their special routine together and I know that Carter really looks forward to it. We could not have asked for a better “Dad” in the family.

Emily (from Brad’s perspective) is a social butterfly. She loves to be around people and likes to host gatherings. Emily loves to cuddle is always finding opportunities to do so: star gazing, watching movies, snuggling babies, etc. She is a very helpful person and is often the first person to arrive and the last person to leave a gathering because she is always making sure there she has done all she can do to help set up and clean up. I often find Emily working hard as a homemaker, always finding ways to be a better wife and mother, making our house a home. She is constantly finding new ways to decorate our house, using her crafty skills.
I love to watch Emily interacting with Carter because that is when she is happiest.  Emily is a natural mom; she is an amazing, loving, selfless mother that has fully embraced her special role in our home. Carter and Emily have a special relationship that I love to be a part of – I look forward to her making similar relationships with future children.

Carter (from our perspective) is the happiest, social little boy. He is so easy going and loves to be around people. He loves playing with other kids and little babies. He is 1.5 years old and would be SO happy to have a little playmate in the family. He loves to eat and always wants to eat what we are eating. He loves to laugh and play games with mom and dad. He also loves to spend time with his aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Carter’s favorite place to be is outside: at the park, on a walk, in the backyard, anywhere he can explore! We feel so very blessed to have Carter and look forward to the opportunity to give him brothers and sisters.

As a family, we enjoy spending time outside, and taking full advantage of the beautiful park across the street. We have recently rekindled our love of camping and took Carter on his first camping trip last summer – he loved it! We love spending time with family and friends for any and every occasion; but also cherish the moments and memories made as our little family. We love going on family dates and watching Carter explore new things. We currently live in Alpine, Utah in a family neighborhood, with a wonderful ward, full of growing families.

Our families are VERY important to us. Both of our parents come from big families, providing countless opportunities to get together and support each other through many successes, celebrations, etc. We are constantly finding ways to get together and it is never a dull moment with any part of our families. We have over 120 cousins with over 50 aunts and uncles altogether! We absolutely love being a part of a big family and having so many people we love and care about -- not to mention the love and care they give us. Once we shared with our families that we had chosen the adoption route to start our family we were overwhelmed by the support we received. Our families have been nothing but supportive and actively involved from the start. They are all anxious for us to continue adding to our large extended family and look forward to welcoming another little one into our family someday soon. They have loved Carter from the moment he was born, and have welcomed him with open hearts and arms. Carter and our future children will always feel an overwhelming amount of love, attention, and support from so much more than just our little family.

We have been lucky enough to have had experience with adoption with our little Carter man. Through our experience we have had the opportunity to recognize that adoption is truly a miraculous thing and we feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful thing. We have found it so easy to love our little boy and love the family that he came from. We have so much love and respect for his birth mother and her family and are grateful for what we share with them – an unconditional love for a sweet, little boy. Adoption is a beautiful thing that opens doors for all who are involved.

In our family a birth mother will always be highly spoken of and respected. We feel it is important for the children to know and understand that these decisions are made out of unconditional love and a desire for the child to have their greatest life opportunities. We also feel that a relationship with birth parents has the potential to benefit all parties (if desired) and we are open to all possibilities in this area. Birth mothers are the greatest women on Earth and we feel honored to have the opportunity to associate with them.

We have often been asked, why are you trying to adopt again, so soon? We have always loved the idea of having children close together in age. We are pretty close in age to some of our siblings and have made great memories and have such great friendships because of it. We can only hope the children we are blessed with will be just as lucky!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family a little better. Please know that we could not be more grateful for your consideration to make such a selfless and courageous decision. It is opportunities like this that help bring happiness to families like us and opens doors for those little ones. We pray you will be able to find peace, whatever your decision may be.

With Love,

The Marsh Family

Brad, Emily, & Carter

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