Monday, March 30, 2015


February flew by! We kept busy with the day to day stuff and a few fun things in between.
Some highlights of February was completing our home study for the second time! We are officially adoption ready and really focusing on doing our part to get the word out. It's always so stressful - anticipating and prep for all the home study work and documentation, but well worth it :)
I had a Norwex party at the beginning of the month and I am a BIG fan! I love their cleaning products! I love that they aren't filled with all those toxic chemicals, but still gets things just as clean! I'm slowly transforming all of the cleaning supplies over to Norwex and I am thrilled!

We had Brad's sister, Mindy and her now Fiance, Nathan aka Nug come up and visit for Valentines weekend. We enjoyed doing some shopping with them and hanging out at home. We had fun with our first Valentine's with Carter and celebrated as a family at home.

Carter LOVED his new toy - he loves anything that even looks like a ball!
a yummy home-cooked meal

Valentine's Jammies
I also had the chance to reconnect with my BYU pals. It was the first time we've all four been together since graduation day. I can't believe it's almost been 3 years! Our lives have obviously taken us all down different paths, but I've said this before - I don't know how I would have gotten through school without these guys! We endured the pains a stresses of lesson plans and observations and complemented each other well with our strengths and weaknesses :) It's also really fun that 3 of the 4 of us had babies within a couple months of each other.

Carter's 11 Month update:
Bedtime is still between 7:00 & 7:30. No matter what time he goes to bed, he is up between 6:30 & 7:00. He takes 2 naps a day, usually about two hours each. He is a pretty good sleeper for us. He loves eating real food and eats pretty much anything. His new favorite food is my sweet potato quinoa soup. I love that he loves it because it is SO yummy and SO good for you! He also loves string cheese and the fruit and veggie pouches. Carter loves to crawl around and hit a ball as he goes, chasing it all around the house. He's got pretty impressive coordination and also loves to push toy cars across the floor as he crawls. He stands alone really well, for long periods of time, but still has no interest in walking. However, he does love walking around furniture. He still says "mama" and "da". He loves to say "Oh" with wide eyes and a big open mouth whenever he is amused by anything. He does so well playing with his toys on his own - I could seriously watch him all day.
late night teething
his favorite, peek a boo between the legs
he did everything in his power to not let his hands touch the grass
sleepy shopping buddy
he loves this monkey and gets so excited - giving it kisses every time he sees it
his favorite way to drink a bottle
Carter and Daddy
hanging out at a family party
he loves his books!

Monday, February 16, 2015


January is usually a month that drags on after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. This year, for some reason, it flew by! Maybe being in denial of how big Carter is getting is what made it go by so fast.
Brad started a new position with the same company: Ancestry. He has moved over to the finance department and is really enjoying it. Brad was nervous about changing positions because he loved the team he was working with and was comfortable with what he was doing. But we knew this was a great opportunity to gain more diverse experience. Brad is learning great things and has developed great relationships with his new team. It means a lot to me to know that he enjoys his work and the people he works with - it makes for a happy hubby - and a happy wife :)
Little Carter man has fallen in love with T-Swift's new CD and has recently learned to dance. Anytime he hears any type of beat you can see him start to groove. It's so fun to watch him get into it!

 - you can see those clips on our Instagram accounts - 

Anytime he starts throwing a fit or having a bit of a meltdown, we turn on T-Swift and he is a happy camper - dancing away - just a little bit hilarious.
We also celebrated my mom's birthday this month and Carter did a great job making her day with lots of smiles and a birthday dance for her. Zac and Karlie made a yummy dinner for all of us to enjoy, we chatted and ate a fabulous dessert that Meggy made. It has been 8 years since our whole family has been able to be together to celebrate mom's birthday. So crazy!

Brad didn't have work on MLKjr Day so we took advantage of the opportunity to go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. The water station was Carter's favorite by far. Unfortunately we didn't bring a change of dry clothes, so he wondered around in a diaper for the rest of the exploring. It's always fun to have Brad home from work because he always looks forward to spending time with Carter and is always extra helpful around the house - always a bonus!

My little sister also had Preference in the month of January. It was so much fun helping her get all dolled up for her date. She looked beautiful and had a blast!

Carter's 10 month update:
Little man is still sleeping through the night, going to bed at 7:00, but still wakes up at 6:00 - not mom and dad's favorite time of day. But we are learning to make the best of it. Sometimes it's nice because it's a chance for us to snuggle in the rocking chair with blankets while I sing songs to him. He dances to anything with a beat - including the beeping buttons on the safe in grandma's closet. He loves to say mama when he needs anything - which I love! He is eating pretty much everything we eat and is not okay with being left out when we eat. He loves to try new foods and will eat just about anything! He has decided naps are no fun and only gives me MAYBE one nap a day these days, but he's pretty easy and still pretty pleasant so I can't really complain. We love our little man!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Little Beau Diddley

On December 29th we had to put down my family's dog, Beau. Man oh man - that was truly one of the worst days of my life. Our poor pup was declining fast and his quality of life had dwindled to almost nothing. Our once spry, energetic dog slept most of the day, could no longer see or really hear. He also only had a couple of teeth left (he had a mouth infection and lost a bunch), and the poor thing was having to wear diapers because he really didn't know what the heck was going on. It was obvious that he was in pain and no longer happy. As much as it broke our hearts to think of life without him, it gave us relief to know he would no longer be in pain and would be much happier. 
I am not much of a dog person, but I saw Beau bring so much happiness to our family and comfort to my little brother and sister when they were younger. Beau always knew when someone was sad or sick and would sit close to them, quietly keeping them company. He was so much fun and loved being outside. Beau was a part of our family for 13.5 years! I was in 5th grade when we got him. My little sister was 3 years old - she basically didn't know life without him!
We all went together to say our goodbyes to him and be with him as he died, peacefully in the vet's office. Afterwards we brought him home and buried him in a special spot in our backyard. After that, we read a couple books about "animal heaven" - which by the way, I totally believe in it! Then my dad put together a little slide show of pictures and videos we had of Beau. I love that my dad took the time to put it together: click here to watch it. If not - here are just a few pics of our pup. 

This may all seem a little over the top and cheesy, but I really am grateful for Beau and the happiness that man's best friend brought to our family. He was truly a blessing and will be greatly missed. We love our little Beau dog!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas in AZ

Believe it or not, this Christmas was my first one in AZ. It was delightful to say the least. The weather was so perfect! I had family in Utah ask me how the weather was and I didn't even know how to describe it because it wasn't hot or cold. It was just so perfect. We did a lot of fun things and it was great just to spend time with our all of our Marsh family.
Carter had lots of fun people watching and chasing the dogs around the house. He also loved following his one and only cousin, Elizabeth.

like I said, loving the exploring 

Carter had an obvious preference for Papa
- even to his mom -
I had to learn to be okay with it for the week 
if we ever make buko buck one day... we WILL have one of these
hottie alert - dad with a diaper bag, shopping for knives
Christmas Sunday
Tubby Time!

Our annual Gingerbread house project. We totally rocked it this year! You are lucky enough to get five of the hundred pictures we took of our work - we were so proud. 

Carter and Elizabeth also had the HILARIOUS opportunity to meet Santa for the first time. It was quite comical. Carter was quite content and curious once he was put on Santa's lap. He was quietly checking out his beard and listening to him talk. Then sweet Lizzie was placed next to Carter on Santa's lap and immediately her Stranger Danger kicked in. Carter was alarmed and possibly thought, this must be a time to cry... so he did :)

waiting in line for santa!

the candy cane made everything better
Christmas Eve we made a delicious dinner and ate as a family, with Aunt Julie and cousins Max and Reece. After dinner we headed out to see the Christmas lights off Cherry Street. It was fun to see all the fun lights and go outside without freezing our buns off!
Aunt Mindy
he loves his aunties 

We ended our Christmas Eve with opening our Christmas Jammies and having our own kind of pajama parade. These were the BEST Christmas jammies I think we have ever received. We were so shocked, we could not stop laughing.

I think Brad's won... and he played the part well :)

 Truly the BEST!!!

And we can't forget about these cuties in their truly adorable jammies:

Christmas Day was great. We started it earlier and differently than we usually do. We had the opportunity to join an amazing group of people and helped serve breakfast to the homeless under an overpass in Phoenix. There were a lot of friendly people there and it was humbling to be able to talk to them and work with such great people. As we left to head home that morning, I felt guilty just thinking about our Christmas presents. It was a fun experience and we hope to be able to do it again. Rob was nice enough to stay home and take care of the babies for us. We were so ready to see them when we got home. 

Christmas morning was fun, opening stockings and exchanging gifts. Carter was ready for his first nap right when we got home, so we had to wait to watch him open his presents.

look how fun all of our stockings are hung up together

nap time snuggles in our jammies
We enjoyed a yummy breakfast of orange french toast then snacked on all of our yummy left over foods all day. We lounged, enjoyed some of our new gifts and watching movies.
That night we went to see the Mesa temple lights. It was another beautiful night and we ran into quite a few people we knew. 

We ended our week with family pictures - always a doozy, but we had fun with them #downtonmarsh
Some of them are official ones, some snap shots. Enjoy! 

#downtonmarsh ;)
apparently Carter didn't get the memo

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!