Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Wowza! I think I've been overly productive in every area of my life to keep myself from working on the blog - I've always got something else to work on... or so I tell myself. I have no real reason to avoid the blog - maybe it's that another month has passed and in some ways I feel like nothing has changed. But then I look back and think about everything that has gone on since November and I have missed out on documenting so much. Sometimes documenting is the hardest part of this whole journaling thing. I find myself worrying too much about a picture turning out the way I want and just avoid it all together. Then I find myself regretting not having captured those moments. Oh the whoas of the social media world! I just need to focus more and why I really want to capture moments.
I pretty much failed in the capturing department for the month of November - like I think completely. Luckily I have family that captured some great moments over Thanksgiving.
Anyway, enough of that - on to November!
My grandpa was recently put into a home that could better meet his needs and assist him when/where needed. It was a hard thing for our family to do - I think mostly because it was the reality that he was getting old enough that he needed to be somewhere like that. But it has been a good thing! We have found opportunities to visit him, spruce up his room to make it feel like home, and share some stories of our visits and the laughs that come with it.
We had the opportunity to visit him the beginning of the month with (almost) my whole family. It was good to be there and to visit with grandma for a bit as well.

We found plenty of opportunities this month to spend time with cousin Lizzie. We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity, did some Christmas shopping at a boutique, and had some play dates at home while Hannah and I worked on Christmas decor ideas, etc.

We also had the chance to celebrate a family friend's birthday at Provo Beach Resort. It was fun to get together with childhood friends and catch up a little. We had some $ to spend in the arcade and we were trying to use up the last of it so we could cash in the tickets. Welp we won the grand prize! We never win anything! And guess what it was?!? A little boys tool bench! Guess what was number 1 on our Christmas list for Carter?!? A little boys tool bench! It seriously was perfect! All I had to do was find a matching drill and it was perfect! Found a matching one at TJ Maxx and we were done! Best day!

Thanksgiving with our Marsh family was fabulous! We met in the "middle" - St. George. It was decent weather and so fun to see some cousins, aunts & uncles, and see the fam.
Carter was actually able to enjoy his Thanksgiving dinner this year and we had fun watching him. We also played a round of golf and I realized I need to play more - I'm losing the small bit of skill I had!

literally - we did this every night - a constant source of entertainment
kissin cousins
aka best buddies

And of course, we continue to be mildly obsessed with little Carter man, so here's a few moments from the month of November: 
Carter is still obsessed with lights and now determined to turn them "non" and off all by himself. When he enters a room, the first thing he does is look around for lights and the switches. Then makes sure we help him turn all of them on. His nickname in nursery is brute - my oh my. He walks like one and acts like one and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. He has started this thing where he falls asleep just about anywhere and it's been kind of fun to see where he ends up sometimes. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015


October is a special month for us now - it was this month last year that our adoption with Carter was finalized and he was sealed to us in the temple! I have always loved October, in Utah - it's so fun to watch the colors and the weather change into the refreshing, crisp, Fall air. We live in a seriously breath-taking place and it's sad to think this may be our last Fall in Alpine. :(
Let's relive that special day for a second:

Of course we had to do Cornbelly's! We went with Carter's cousin, Lizzie and Aunt Hannah. It was fun to watch them run around by themselves and explore. When we went last year, Carter wasn't even crawling so it was a whole new experience. The tractor ride was definitely their favorite part - we had to ride it twice in a row!

Brad also ran another half marathon - this time it was a trail. It was up in Midway and it was absolutely beautiful, but he said the difference in trail vs. road races kinda rocked him, but he's glad he did it. :)

We also celebrated my dad's birthday that weekend. The last time he went to California, he inherited some of his dad's sweaters. He let us each pick one to keep - we LOVE them!

Shaun was MIA this day
Our ward had a trunk or treat party and the theme was to dress up as your favorite Book of Mormon character. Hannah and I had spent the day working on our Halloween costumes and I had some extra fabric to work with so I just kind of whipped something up for him. It turned out so cute and he was a hit. It took bribing him with a sword and piece of candy to get him to keep it on.

Then, of course, Halloween! This holiday just gets better every year. I LOVE Halloween and seeing everyone's creative costumes. I was struggling with deciding what I wanted us to be and I came across the best idea, but the Ryan's had to be game. I suggested it to Hannah and they were in! How could we resist? It could be the only year we get to do something like this!

Say hello to Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam Rubble & Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles Flintstone!

We had so much fun celebrating with Rob, Hannah, & Lizzie (Zac & Karlie came over for dinner before they headed to another party - no pic tho...) We had a yummy chili dinner with bread sticks. Then we took the little ones trick or treating around the block. They surprisingly got the hang of it and were loving getting all of the candy. Carter hated letting go of it and putting it in his trick or treating bag. We came back, ate "worms in dirt" then made some caramel apples while the kiddos watch Room on the Broom - a total hit in our house!
Halloween just gets more and more fun and exciting as families grow - I can only imagine how much better it will be next year!

Here are some classic Carter moments and other October highlights for your entertainment:

it wasn't me

my little helper - dusting the floors??
and the furniture :)
vacuuming alongside mom
they are seriously best buds
dinner up the canyon with good friends for the last time of the season 
his favorite place to sit while we read books
finally hiked the Y with my beautiful cousins

he's got serious moves and serious bedhead
daddy's little helper
lickin it clean