Our Lives Together, in Pictures 

Since Becoming Parents:
visiting miss courtney jo
we are parents for the first time!
we wouldn't be here without courtney
saying our goodbyes and heading home!
we are now a family of three!
carter was a smiley baby from the beginning 
he loves snuggles with dad
carter's first easter 
we like to watch daddy's softball games
carter is 1 month!
baby buddies
family photo - featured on smallfry
many faces of carter man
ready for church - 2 months!
swimming with cousins
bbq-ing to celebrate mama's birthday
family reunion - 3 months!
we've got our own davey crockett - 4 months!

we celebrated the 4th of july - carter LOVES fireworks 
we saw old faithful
and a really cool waterfall
married 4 years!
ready to play at the park
little mister smiley
caught flirting with his girlfriends - 5 months!
bees game
boating with mama 
afternoon naps in the hammock
first time with baby food!
smiley in his bouncer
sitting up - 6 months 
high school friends with babies
helping mama bake
our little man loves hats
first time at corn belly's
painting his first pumpkin
late nights teething
adoption finalization!
courtney, there to support at the sealing
halloween as charlie brown, snoopy, and lucy - 7 months
cousin friends - 8 months!
we have christmas sweaters
our little reindeer
best attempt on christmas sunday
grandbabies with grammy and papa
stranger danger
he LOVES the christmas lights
temple lights - 9 months
cool dude with papa
tickles with grandpa
curiosity museum
snuggles with dad
the best toys aren't toys
happy valentine's day!
we love new jammies!
getting reacquainted with his girlfriends
spending time with Mama Courtney
Carter turns 1!
Angels game in California
Carter's first time at the beach!
playing outside with cousins' kids
Aunt Mindy and Uncle Nug's wedding
pic with mom and her birthday
kisses for dad
trip to the aquarium
family trip to the beach
Baxter family trip to Kiawah Island
mr. fix-it is 18 months and nursery official!
halloween as the Rubbles and Flintstones
supporting daddy in his race


Wedding Day

Making Memories - Dating

we like to ice skate 
we like to golf 
we like gelato  
we like temple lights in SLC 
she likes jazz, he likes suns 
we like to hang out 
we like going to the park 
we like temple lights in AZ 
we like sledding 
we got engaged
we like to be festive 
we like Sammy's pie shakes 
we play tennis
we visit family
we eat Inn n Out
we have scary teeth

Making More Memories - Married
we love each other
we love cheesecake factory
we love peach propel
we love honeymoons
we (she) loves DIY projects
we (he) loves to bake
we love simply orange
we love coloring easter eggs
we love 4th of july
we love bonfires
we love intramural flag football 
we are good at mazes
we love corn belly's
we love basketball games

we love beach cruiser bike rides
we are summer-sales experienced
we are funny face-makers
we have good hygiene 
we love portillos in chicago 
we are fans of ugly christmas sweaters
he is a ute graduate
she is a cougar graduate
two years of marriage!
we like pajama parties
we like san francisco 
we love pazookies!
we like date night on the moonlight lift
we dress up for church
we go to Bees games
we go on hikes when we go camping
we do garage sales
we love the park across the street
we LOVE lake powell
we love doing kid crafts
married 3 years!
we love concerts
we love dressing up for halloween
we love festival of trees
we love work parties
we love christmas

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  1. Em this is so great! I loved reading your timeline and I already know you really well! You two will be the most perfect parents in the world. Already keeping my eyes and ears open and trying to spread the word out here in Massachusetts! Love ya!