Friday, September 13, 2013

You're Killing Me Smalls!

Brad and I have had the opportunity to go to a couple Bees games this year and they have been so fun! I LOVE baseball games and couldn't believe how long it had been since I had been to one. I love the atmosphere, the 7th inning stretch, being able to watch the game on a blanket in the grass, enjoying time with friends, etc.
The best game that we went to was the Sandlot Anniversary game. We went with our friends Jeff & Lauren and Austin & Ciara. For the anniversary they had a bunch of the guys from the movie there and then after the game they showed the movie on the big screen and everyone came onto the field with blankets to watch. We didn't stay long to watch the movie because they were having issues with the sound :s Brad and I were raised watching that movie regularly so it was fun to see a bunch of them and how much they seemed the same!
A grand slam was hit at the game, so we all headed to Denny's afterwards to get our FREE Grand Slam meal. It's always so much fun to spend time with friends. We are sad so many have left/are leaving, but grateful for the ones that are still around :)

Here's some pics from the game... I think Squints, and Ham are most obviously the same :)


Lake Powell

During the month of July, Brad and I slipped away for a week to join the Marsh family on a vaca to Lake Powell. We were really looking forward to spending time with his family; it's also always a good thing to break up time with my fam so we can continue loving each other without getting on each others' nerves ;)
I LOVE Lake Powell. I honestly forgot how much I love it. I truly get an exhilarating, freeing feeling when I am in Lake Powell. It is one of the places that I feel closest to the world around me - not to mention the place is an absolute blast!
We were so lucky to be invited to go with such a fun group! They were all always ready to go play from sun up to sun down. We all got to know each other well and laughed, teased, joked, and made a lot of fun memories. I am so grateful for new friendships!
We had so much fun wake boarding, tubing, riding the wave runners, kayaking, hiking to Rainbow Bridge, and eating lots of yummy food. We ate SO MUCH yummy food on the trip - it's a good thing we played so hard! We had a few bumps on the trip (broken batteries, a few minor injuries, sore muscles, sun burns, etc.) but it's all part of the Lake Powell experience :)
On our way back from Rainbow Bridge we hit one of the most massive storms we have ever been in! I have never truly thought about dying until we were sitting in the front of a boat, white-knuckled, holding onto the side bard and locking our legs to keep from flying out. We were in a bit of a small boat and had to go super fast to keep us from getting swallowed in the waves. Looking back, it was a really fun adventure, but in the moment, you could it was one of the more intense moments of our lives.
Overall Lake Powell was a blast and I am SO glad we were able to go this year. It was especially great to be in such great company, with new friends, adorable babies, cute pregnant moms (SIL and friend), and spending time with family. YAY Lake Powell!
Also, there are A LOT of pics from Powell, but I don't have like any... So until I get my hands on some, this is all I've got:

Brad and Rob on the wave runners - haha love Rob's face

keeping themselves entertained on our way back to the dock

dinner the night before launching

Rainbow Bridge

Family in Town

Since my family lives on the other side of the country they try to find opportunities to spend as much time here as possible. My mom, dad, and Meggie came out beginning of July and we spent most of the month together. Dad could only stay for 10 days because he had to work, but it is always so great to have him when we can! Mom and Megan bunked at our home and we enjoyed spending time together. When they come in town we always create opportunities to spend time with extended family. It is always fun to spend time with cousins and we are so blessed to have so many, so close. We really enjoyed just spending down time together, chatting, watching family videos, spending time with my brother's girlfriend/fiancĂ©/missionary (long story) etc.
supporting Karlie (zac's gf/fiancĂ©/missioinary) @ her farewell
On the 4th of July we all went to our traditional ward breakfast and enjoyed visiting, and eating yummy food before we headed up to the Roundy Rumble. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year and this was the last one before Shaun comes home! We are really excited to have some of our family missionaries back for next year. We had it up Provo Canyon this year in a fabulous cabin that fit all of us. I think we ended up having anywhere between 30-40 of our cousins/aunts/uncles/etc. there at some point. It's so much fun to be a part of a big family; there is never a dull moment. We had fun playing pool, ping pong, a day of boating, skit night (OF COURSE), and just making each other laugh as we recall "classic" stories of each other.
my mom and her sisters
Unfortunately we had a little bit of misery during the visit with our AC breaking the first week of July. Because it was right around 4th of July it was hard to get it done quickly. We had 5-6 of us in the basement, sharing one bathroom, without AC and not much ventilation. I can't even imagine how miserable it was upstairs where it's not as cool as a basement. On top of that we were finishing up the demolition of our remodel project. We were using hammers and air chisels with no way to cool off. But we made it out alive and made some great memories trying to distract ourselves from the misery.
That is the other major thing about having my mom in town. We like to do projects... a lot. But it is always more fun to have someone to do them with. So naturally my mom and I spent much of the month of July perfecting spaces that really needed some TLC as well as doing the finishing touches on the remodel that "Uncle Marc did  (more on that in another post). When it comes to this kind of stuff, I honestly don't know what I would do without my mama. She is a rock star when it comes to DIY and is one of the strongest women I know. We make a great team - we always seem to have a common vision and the drive to finish. I think that is was makes it hardest for us being apart; we don't have those opportunities to work together, accomplishing something that brings us both satisfaction, that we both appreciate. She's one of the greatest friends I could ask for :)
The month of July was crazy busy, really lacking order and a consistent schedule, but that's what I love about summer - living in the moment.
Here are some pics of the demo process:

the beginning of ripping up tile

and more tile...

and more tile!

and breaking down walls :)
Obviously the biggest highlight of our month of July was the fact that we were finally published with LDSFS - Hoping to Adopt! It was such a relief for us to finally reach that point in the adoption process. We are continuing to hope and pray for the right opportunity to come around for us to be able to become parents :)
here we are! Heading out to celebrate!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Yes, it is true, we have been MIA for too long now. With family in town the whole month of July, spending the whole month of August preparing for my preschool, and my computer biting the dust this last month, I have been a stranger to the blogging world. I'm hoping that will be changing in the next week or so while I am playing catch up. Thank you for your patience!