Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Introducing one of the newest employees at:

What a hunk!
Yes - wedding pic, he doesn't have many real pics of himself...
Brad had a phone interview on 10/12/12. 
Brad had an office interview on 10/15/12.
Brad was offered the job on 10/16/12.
YAY! We are so excited!
After applying for so many analyst/career positions, we decided to go another direction. Brad started looking at and applying for Customer Care positions. He exceeded their requirements and they were excited to hire him on.
Thanks to all of those who helped make this possible. He is now in his second of three weeks of training for working full time in with their Customer Support team.

Not to mention, this job offers FABULOUS benefits, including partial adoption coverage. We feel so blessed to have this job that has so many opportunities to offer us. We are grateful for the blessings that come from waiting patiently. :) Now that we qualify, we are working towards getting our papers started with LDS Adoption Services in January. That doesn't mean we aren't open to opportunities now... DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US!

Thanks again for everyone's help and efforts in making this possible :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Year in Review

So we have decided to continue using this as our normal blog as well as our adoption blog. This will help us keep everything about us in one place and share how we can continue leading normal lives.

Well it has officially been a year since I have really documented anything, so here's to a year in review!

November was an exciting month as we sent little brother Shaun off on his mission. He is serving in the Baltic Mission, speaking Latvian. He entered the MTC on November 16th and has been LOVING his experience as a missionary.

We also spent our Thanksgiving with the Marsh family down in Arizona. Our trip down to AZ included warm weather, lots of yummy food, Mesa temple lights, caramel popcorn balls, Last Chance shopping, and our very own Turkey Trot.
We are loved :)

Mesa temple lights

Our very own Turkey Trot
December I finished up my last semester of ever taking finals (since I only had student teaching left) Yahoo! We finished up the semester relieved that we only had one more to go. We spent Christmas here in Utah with my family before their big move to North Carolina. We were lucky enough to get spoiled by our parents for Christmas with a video camera, lots a fabulous clothes, and goodies for us to eat forever. We enjoyed spending the holidays doing puzzles, enjoying our make shift decorations, and our fairly mild winter. As well as an Ugly Sweater Christmas party with some friends. Unfortunately I don't have any real awesome pics...
Our decor 
Our totally awesome puzzle :)

Our homemade ugly sweaters
January we said goodbye to my family as they moved across the country to Charlotte, North Carolina. I think I already talked about this, but he had a new job opportunity that moved him, mom, and Meggy to a cute little town home, allowing them to "simplify" and keep their home here in Utah as well. 
I also started my student teaching in January with a 4th grade class at Rosamond Elementary in South Jordan. It was a very nerve racking experience, but I seriously LOVED every minute of it. I learned even more, how rewarding teaching is for me. It was all a learning process and was incredibly beneficial in helping me become more comfortable as the head of the classroom. Brad also got a JOB! He is working as a teaching aide at Orem Jr. high all day during the day and will be taking all of his classes at night at the Sandy center. YAY for no more commute to downtown. Unfortunately I didn't do much documenting in January, so I don't have great pics... again. 
My darling 4th grade class
My mentor teacher: Mrs. Crane

February 2012
We celebrated a quite Valentine's Day at home, working hard to save money. Brad gave me a brand new set of make up brushes he had been waiting to give me since just after Christmas and a rose, of course. I got him a home made gift certificate to Sports Authority (best way to Brad's heart). We had a quite dinner at home with a simple dinner of home made tacos and yummy sodas and watching The Notebook. It was a relaxed night, which was just what we needed. It was also a lot of fun to be a part of Valentine's Day at the Elementary School. I was so overloaded with goodies, even as a student teacher. I felt so loved :)
from the hubs 
low key dinner 
for the hubs
MARCH 2012
March came with relief since I was done with my TWS (Teacher Work Sample). It was a beastly project that you have to do during student teaching basically to prove you can write a unit and effectively assess their knowledge and understanding. Welp, it was a success, I didn't fail, and I was so relieved to have it done. March also meant I was moving on to my second student teaching assignment: 2nd grade and East Lake Elementary in Day Break. That was another fabulous experience where I learned a lot about parent teacher conferences and how different it is to teach 2nd versus 4th grade. Unfortunately I didn't document anything from the month of March with pictures. It was obviously a busy month full of life as a student teacher and a hubs working through his last semester @ the U. 

APRIL 2012
April was a great month, starting off with a lovely session of General Conference. I am always so sad by the time it ends; it is always so amazing. We also got to celebrate Easter and spend a lot of time with family with cousin Jerad getting married. Zac and I were luck enough to see/visit with our sister Jenna :)
Don't forget the most important part! ME GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE! YAY! It was seriously the best thing. My mom was able to come back here and support as well as the in-laws since Hannah was graduating too. It was a week filled with festivities and spending time with family and friends. We loved having Rob and Hannah in town with mom and dad Marsh, my mom, all our siblings (minus Megan, Krissy, Shaun, and Dad - who were dearly missed). For graduating we were treated with fabulous, nice watches from mom and dad Marsh and a sewing machine for me and cash for Brad from mom and dad Baxter. I cannot even tell you how happy I was to finally have a sewing machine. Yes it's used, and no it's not the newest model, but I love it so much! It is absolutely perfect for me. 
the boys Easter baskets - pre egg hunt I created
zac, jenna, me
hubs and I
my bff
graduating sisters, with our hubs
we have a special relationship
could not have done it without these girls
our support group 
yay us!
i LOVE it!
MAY 2012
Brad graduated from the U in this month with a degree in Economics. YAY! We were so happy to be done, and so pleased to be done at the same time. Unfortunately my family was unable to attend because they were back east, mama Marsh couldn't make it, but we were lucky enough to have dad Marsh (Allen) and Grandpa Marsh come and support. We were so happy they came to help make the day more fun. We spent the morning at his ceremony then were off to explore the new City Creek Mall downtown. Later that afternoon we were lucky enough to have Grandpa Marsh show us around the Alpine cemetery only to discover we are related to TONZ of the people in there; it was pretty neat. Brad's birthday was also this month. We celebrated a day early going to Tucano's and doing a little bit of birthday shopping. I also left a little scavenger hunt of gifts throughout the house for him to find. Unfortunately I missed the actual birthday by a day to go out to North Carolina. My parents went to Switzerland with some friends and flew me out to NC to watch Meg while they were away. It was so fun seeing their new place and spending some one on one time with Meg. Not to mention the fact that I discovered the Bachelorette mansion for Emily's season was within my parents' ward boundaries. I also got to stay a couple extra days to spend time with mom and dad too. We also Skyped with Shaun for Mother's Day and it was pretty crazy. My mom and dad were on from Switzerland, Brad and Zac were in Alpine, Me and Meggy were in North Carolina, and Shaun was in Latvia. We were all on at the same time; it was awesome. 
the support group
craziest skype session ever
darling girl I got to babysit while in NC
the bachelorette mansion gates
We also took a literally spur of the moment trip down to St. George with our dear friends: Paige and Austin Slade. None of us had any plans for Memorial Day weekend, so we decided to go down to St. George and visit Grandma and Grandpa Marsh and have some fun while we were down there. We went shopping, golfed, swam, played a few mean games of bocce ball, enjoyed leisurely golf cart rides, and enjoyed going into town.
iphone pic... pretty neat
golf cart rides/adventures

st. george temple
more of the fun
JUNE 2012
June began with an early birthday present from the hubs: a new phone, iphone 4s to be exact. I was so pleased to move from my 3rd hand-me-down ghetto phone to one that could do more than I had every imagined. It is so nice to have everything at my finger tips, but I've gotta make sure I don't get too obsessive with that :s. For my actual birthday Brad started off the day with breakfast in bed. then he took me to go buy flowers and pots for my dream to have a potted flower porch. We had a Zupa's lunch and went to the temple. Then Brad had some family and a couple friends come over for some cake/cupcakes, made by the hubs. He did a great job. The rest of the month was spent with me working, Brad job hunting and playing a bit of the house wife role while he searched. Brad and I got to be "chaperone" leaders at youth conference one weekend, which was fun to get a feel for the youth group. I also had the opportunity to go to my first year of Girl's Camp as a leader. I LOVED it. Although it was kind of weird working with leaders that were my leaders just a few years ago when I was in YW. I was consistently mistaken as one of the girls which I chose to take as a compliment. I also started my new job as a nanny for a family in our ward. 
birthday food... brad frosted everything himself
variety of gifts
my number 1
JULY 2012
The month of July was filled with LOTS of family time. My family was in town from North Carolina for the whole month of July. Except my dad only stayed until the 10th because he had to get back to work. Our 4th of July went a little differently, especially since fireworks were banned... for a very good reason. Everything was super dry from the mild winter so fires were happening everywhere, including Alpine. It was so sad to spend our 4th smelling like burning fire and watching our mountains quickly burn closer to homes and across our beautiful mountains. We also had our Roundy Rumble reunion, which is always a blast with the infamous skit night that leaves us all with sore abs and memories of an awesome dance party. This year, we got the cops called on us during our dance party... we like to think everyone was just jealous of how fun our family is ;) We also drove up to Boise another weekend to support cousin Austin Boyce for his mission farewell before heading off to Mexico and stopping in Paradise for another reunion on the way. We also had my bestie from high school get married. YAY! We ended July saying goodbye to my mom and Meggy early as we headed up for the Marsh Family Reunion the last week of July. This year it was up at Bear Lake. SO BEAUTIFUL! We were up there over Raspberry Days and were able to participate in a lot of the festivities including the parade and eating our fair share of raspberry shakes. We also celebrated our anniversary while we were there and finally ate the top tier of our cake (2 years later). It was actually still pretty good. Between all the cousins it was gone in about 20 minutes. 
the beginning of the fire
4th of July
skit night/dance party
Miss Si's wedding... flash mob included
getting my game on @MFR
anniversary celebration
the remains of our cake... 2 yrs old
so beautiful

@the raspberry days rodeo
August was spent soaking up the last of the summer. Attending a wedding for one of Brad's buddies, working on projects in the house, and dates nights with friends. 
handsome groomsman 
bedroom WAY before... we don't have this furniture anymore :(

bedroom after... WORK IN PROGRESS, the lamps are already different and we've got some more trinkets for more color
This month was also full of doctor's appointments and lots of blood work and other tests. 
It was the month of August that changed a lot of the perspective in our life together. We had been attending doctor appointments and running tests all summer, but this is when we really got down to the root of it to discover the latest change in the plan Heavenly Father has for us. We were immediately blessed with peace, knowing the Lord knows what is best for us and is preparing a way for us to have our family here on Earth. You can read more about this on the other tabs of our blog.

September flew by SO fast! We cannot even believe how far we already are into Fall. We spent Labor Day weekend at Uncle Steve and Aunt Jill's for a weekend of fun games, Get Air, BBQ, picnic, and endless laughter. It's always a blast when we get together with family. It was the first time in almost 20 years that we didn't start September off with a new school year. Now we get to have our weekends and evenings to ourselves, without worrying about homework or projects or tests. It really is such a rewarding feeling. Brad is still keeping busy studying for the GMAT and attending his prep class. I spent a lot of this month soaking in the slow transition of seasons. We also had a little going away gathering for our friends: Nate and Lindsey Newman with little Carter. They have just moved to Boston for a new life adventure. We are so excited for them and hope the have an awesome experience. My work schedule also changed to just three days a week. It is really nice because now I can use those extra days for other doctor appointments, doing work around the house and the occasional odd job babysitting for people in the area. I am loving having this much needed time for myself to recoup and pay closer attention to my body's needs while we are trying to figure out some other lovely issues involving thyroid. I have also developed a little bit of an obsession with holiday DIY crafts. I have gone crazy enjoying getting ready with Halloween projects and baked goods. I am already dreaming about what I want to do for Christmas this year and I can hardly wait to get started. 

CONGRATULATIONS! You've reached the end!
Welp, this is probably the longest blog post I have ever written and the most time consuming thing I have every done. I'm sure you can only imagine how relieved I feel to finally have this done :)
I tried to add pictures to keep it interesting. I will be surprised if anyone gets through this whole thing. 
Bless you, if you did.

PS check out our "About Us" tab. Please give us any feedback you have about how we can  make it better; we are slowly continuing to make it all geared more toward networking for adoption. 
All suggestions are welcome :) 
Thank you!