Friday, May 13, 2011

I Love to See the Temple!

We all know and love the song and truly do love to see the temple. Well, I can assure you, I have seen a place in the temple some of you never even knew existed! That would be the Medic Room; YUP! I've been there.
The story goes like this:
Last Thursday, May 6th. was Brad's last day here in Utah, so we found it fitting to make a visit to the temple. That night, we had decided to do sealings. Without going into too much detail, this was an experience like no other.
So I hadn't eaten much that day so I had Brad bring half a sandwich for me since we were meeting at the temple. I scarfed my sandwich in the parking lot and headed in feeling much better now that I had food in my tummy. We proceeded to get ready and meet for the evenings events. 
For a little background, we are in a room with 3 temple workers, and about 8 other people. Anyway, we were right in the middle of some things, with Brad and I kind of being the center of attention and BAM!!!! Well, I don't remember anything, but the story is told like this: Apparently I started to get weak and fidgety, my eyes fluttered a bit, and I was down! According to my trusty story teller (aka Brad) I woke up, put my hand over my mouth and said, "I needed a trash can". Oh boy, you better believe I threw up in the trash can, and more than once! But hey, at least my subconscious was decent enough to ask for a trash can to avoid a mess, right? Anyway, apparently I drank a tall glass of water after that as well. This is where I start remembering and I become the storyteller. 
The first thing I remember is looking up, wanting to rip off all of my clothes because I felt so hot and was sweating profusely. Then I look up at the door and watch this official looking man, with his little blue tooth on, rolling in a wheelchair. I thought to myself, "you've got to be kidding me, I have to get wheeled out of here?" (even though there was no way I had the energy to stand anyway. So they hoisted me up onto the wheelchair and began to wheel me out the door. It was then that I realized everyone that had been in the sealing room was standing right outside the door, waiting for me to come out (apparently they excused everyone once my fiasco began). So, naturally, my feelings of embarrassment increased as I exited the sealing room with a tear-stained, ugly, green-colored face to my lovely audience. 
We followed the personnel to a back elevator that took me to the "lower level". What?? That exists?? A couple right turns later, we found ourselves in a room of beds and a few big storage cupboards. Another large and jolly fellow came into the room and took over blue tooth guy's role. He helped Brad lift me into one of the beds and elevate my feet. He asked my how I was feeling and I told him I was sweating profusely. So he got me a nice cold, wet rag, along with a bucket of ice water. He then gave some crackers and juice to Brad and told him to make sure I consumed all of it before we left. The jolly man was really funny to me, however, I can't remember anything that he said that really would have made me laugh. Anyway, so after he took down some notes and filled out some forms he left Brad and I alone for a bit while I recovered. 
Once I was well enough we headed back up the elevator back to the dressing rooms. Brad walked me to the womens dressing room and told a lady that I had just passed out and was back from the recovery room. Brad wanted her to make sure I made it safely to the dressing room to get changed. Naturally, the whole dressing room knew after that. They first lady handed me off to another lady, told her the situation, then she walked me down to another lady. This lady then shared the news across the way to the locker helper, who then helped me to my locker and found ANOTHER worker to stand outside me door while I changed in case something happened. Naturally, this added even more to my embarrassment. haha. But really, every one of them are the sweetest ladies that are happy to help. They were a great substitute since I didn't have the comfort of my mom or my hubby by my side. They are seriously so sweet. After I was done, two ladies escorted my out and stood by me while I was at the prayer roll, then as I was finishing up another lady came and and said, "Is this Sister Marsh? Her husband is waiting for her."
So I think it's official, half the temple staff know my name AND my lovely story. :) Oh well, it's a story to tell, right? Needless to say, I am alive and well. They say it was probably caused by low blood sugar, as well as low circulation during the sealing. I'm so grateful for the literal level of organization in the church that helped my fiasco run about as smoothly as something like that could. And this is what I mean by seeing places in the temple some of you never knew existed. :)
The next morning I had to take Brad to the airport. WORST THING! Luckily I spent the rest of the weekend up in Layton with my cousin Shaylee to watch cousin Ashlee dance, trying to keep busy and working hard to keep my balance for the next couple of days.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Bradley!!!

Welp, here goes nothing! My first blog post for our lovely new blog together! I have been waiting for a good enough story to tell on the blog, or something really unique or special to kick it off, but I've been really struggling with that. So I figured I couldn't blog about anything better than my hubby!

Look at this handsome birthday boy!!!
Today is a very special day for the man of my life. Today is his 23rd birthday. Unfortunately, he is in Greensboro, North Carolina and I am here, in Alpine, Utah... on the other side of the country. BOO. I wish I could spend this special, happy day with my Bradley, unfortunately life does not currently permit me to do so. :( Anyway, enough of the the negative...
I have tried to do what I can to make his birthday special all the way from over here. My lovely cousin was lucky enough to head out there yesterday to visit her husband for the week and I sent some goodies with her to give Brad. When I talked to him this morning, he said they were sitting out for him to receive when he woke up. Thanks Shay! It was nothing too fancy, just a few treats to get him through his long days and a photo album of a bunch of pictures of us for him to look at when he gets bored or lonely. I also included a letter that consisted of the many things I love about Bradley. 
I love how much Brad knows me better than I know myself in SO many ways
I love how he makes me laugh
I love sharing our embarrassing moments together; some where I have never laughed harder
I love his "baking Sundays", plumping up from all his fabulous baked creations
I love that he always comes home from the grocery store with a little surprise for me :)
I love that he is just as crazy about being as clean and organized as I am (well... almost ha)
I love the way he tells us every move he makes when we play Monopoly Deal
I love the way he HAS to watch his ESPN and eat his bowl of cereal EVERY morning
I love that he is my best friend
I love that he knows exactly how to make me happy in every way, every day.

My dearest Brad, Thank you for being the very best thing that has every happened to me. I have never been happier in  my entire life. I love that I get to be with you forever. I hope that all of our friends out in NC make this day extra special for you. You deserve the very best! I love you!!