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Brad was born and raised in Arizona and is the oldest child and only brother to his four younger sisters.
He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Economics in May of 2012. He plans to earn an MBA in the near future; furthering his career opportunities. He is an avid sports fan that can share just about any of the latest stats. He loves to play sports including basketball, baseball, sand volleyball, football, and tennis. Brad has enjoyed running a couple first half marathons and enjoys doing most of his training outdoors. His favorite food is Mexican and always enjoys a dessert. Brad served an LDS mission to Manaus, Brazil (AKA the Amazon) from June of 2007-2009. His ideal vacation is anything to do with the beach. If you can make something competitive, you can count on him to join in on the fun. Brad also looks forward to his late night bowl of cereal every night before bed. He is a self-motivated, hard-working guy that always loves to do his best.
Brad is currently working as a Financial Analyst at Ancestry. He enjoys the work he does and the people he works with. Brad's favorite time of day is when he comes home form work and gets to help take care of Carter and play with him. They are best buddies and Carter will always go to Daddy if he has the choice.

Emily was born in Utah where she has spent most of her life with her older brother and younger brother and sister. Emily grew up taking lessons in piano and dance and chose to focus on playing tennis for the high school team. Emily graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Elementary Education in April of 2012. She loves being outside doing things including: playing sports with the family, going on walks, hiking, camping, leisurely bike rides, and star gazing. Emily loves anything pasta and loves trying new desserts. She enjoys spending her free time cleaning, finding new crafty-DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, and anything that helps the house feel more like a home. She loves spending time with family for every occasion and enjoys playing with the babies every chance she gets.
Emily currently teaches preschool out of the home two days a week and Carter loves to play with the kids and the kids are so sweet to him. Emily feels blessed to financially be able to be home all day with Carter and develop such a great relationship with him. They enjoy reading books, playing at the park across the street together, and setting up play dates with other little ones in the neighborhood. They also like to have dance parties and stack blocks together.

I (Emily) met Brad's sister, Hannah my freshman year at BYU and we instantly became friends. After learning we both had brothers on missions, we decided in one way or another we would be sisters. When Brad returned home from his mission June of 2009 Hannah was still set on playing matchmaker. Brad and I met at her apartment October 30, 2009. A week later we had our first date AND first kiss. Needless to say we were engaged the following April and married July 30th, 2010.
Brad and I enjoy going on dates every weekend. Our typical kind of date is going somewhere new for dinner, picking up a few groceries we need, then heading home to watch a show, play a game, or hang out in the park.

Our little Carter man is the light of our life! He has become quite the opinionated, independent little guy and still loves to be the star of the show. Carter LOVES music - he loves singing and dancing and is especially obsessed with the song: Mr. Blue Sky, by ELO. He loves to be around people - and thinks he's one of the big kids. He especially loves it when mom's preschool kids show up so he can play with them.  He craves being around them and we think he would LOVE having playmates added to the family. He has had a recent interest in babies and has learned to recognize it's important to "be soft" with them and give them a lot of "loves". He is quick to give hugs and kisses when he know he has hurt someone. Carter can sometimes try to act like a tough - all boy - little man, but he has the happiest, biggest heart of all - he brings us so much happiness!

We do like our dates, and more often than not, we can't help but take Carter with us because it's always so much more fun with our little man!
We have a lot of family close and love being with them for any and every occasion; but also look forward to the opportunities we have to spend time together, as our little family.
We currently reside in Alpine, Utah in a family neighborhood, with a wonderful ward, full of kids. Carter has loved "meeting" new friends in the neighborhood and at church on Sunday, he is very social and loves to talk/play with little babies.

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