Thursday, February 18, 2016


The month of December was filled with classic traditions and new memories too! December is always such a fun month and always seems to fly by way too fast. I always try to make the goal to have Christmas shopping done before December so I can do a better job of focusing on making memories as a family and focusing on the true reason for the season.
We started off with our tradition of dinner and Festival of Trees with the Foxes. It's so fun! Carter slept through most of it last  year so it was fun to see his reaction to so much more of it this year.

Some Favorites:

This year we went to Temple Square with Ron, Hannah, and Lizzie. Apparently we had the same idea as everyone else - I have NEVER seen it as packed as it was that night! So we didn't really walk around too much, but we enjoyed a yummy Kneaders dinner and window shopping at City Creek.

Also, clearly we shop together, and have a lot of the same taste haha we are matching almost from head to toe, stroller and bag. And I was so close to wearing my Hunter boots too. 

Carter is getting more and more entertaining every day. Here are some fun snap shots of his latest favorites and funny moments:

his territory when mom & dad are making the bed
his favorite place to snuggle his "baby"
so proud he climbed from the couch to the window seat
getting a kick out of his own chocolate covered Oreo face
his own light to turn "non"
helping daddy polish his shoes
not so sure about the snow
aftermath of a painting project for birthmom, Courtney
he discovered "selfie mode"
And some of my favorites of our Christmas decorations this year. We got a new, bigger tree this year. Unfortunately the budget didn't allow me to "fill" my tree, so we improvised and made more of my childhood tree with our childhood ornaments gifted and homemade. It was fun to have a whimsical, more sentimental tree. Although it may seem pathetic, I'm proud of myself for letting go of my Martha Stewart blood and embracing the magic of childhood Christmas decor.

Also, I got to throw a little baby brunch for a dear friend to celebrate her little boy on the way. I went with the mustache theme and ran with it! It was so fun and turned out pretty cute!

I also got to meet up with my BYU sisters again, always a treat this holiday season!!!

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